Never make the main character funny. Ever!


I love laughing. I really do.

And some of my favorite games can safely have ‘comedy’ tagged on them.

Yet, all too often, there is a certain comedy trick that is used which completely ruins my experience with a game.

This trick is often used when a ‘comedy’ title changes hands to a new developer. It’s not about misunderstanding the previous developer’s humour. It’s not even about having poor humour.

It’s simply about thinking that the main character was the butt of all jokes. That should NEVER happen in video games.

Here’s why.

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Gained and Lost: Tomb Raider


This post will just be a fun idea I’ve wanted to try, where I go through an entire series and make note of what was gained and lost in each iteration.

The idea popped into my head while replaying through the Assassin’s Creed series to refresh myself for the third installment, and even though I desperately want to focus this post on that particular time-jumping series, I shall resist until I have finished Assassin’s Creed III.

Therefore, in anticipation for the imminent reboot, let’s jump into a series I know far too well: Tomb Raider!

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The Call of Duty Racing Game

Well, that’s what it felt like.

I found Need for Speed: The Run brand new for a measly £6 (About £30 cheaper than Origin is selling it for) in one of my local shops, so thought that was worth the risk.

I didn’t expect much from the game, so was in immediate critical mode, and that probably helped me enjoy it.. kind of.

I finished the game in one day, which I have never done before on a Need for Speed game, or any racing game for that matter. Therefore, it is basically the Call of Duty equivalent for Racing games, and because I’m lazy, I’m going to reveal what I thought in bullet points.

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Bloody last piece of the Tri-Force!

Ok, I spent ages playing the game, and have all but ONE piece of the Tri-Force in the original The Legend of Zelda.

I spent a solid week playing this game, and was resolved to do it the old fashioned way (kind of like an experiment) in that I spent time really getting to know the game, making my own maps as I went along, and not looking at any walkthroughs.

But I’m at my end. I keep thinking that I’m stumbling across the final dungeon, but then end up finding extra hearts (not a bad thing), or hidden shops. Alright, GameFAQs… here I come.

I really do want to finish this game! (And quite enjoying it surprisingly)

RePlayed – Flatout – Female non-gamer swears a lot!

I’ve had this episode up for awhile now, but been forgetting to tell people about it!

Episode 2 of RePlayed is 2004’s FlatOut. We compare the game against today’s standards first, and then let Yesenia (non-gamer) and Tam (modern gamer) loose on it to see how they do.

I tried to make the episode more faster paced than the last one, and wanted to cut down the length, but there were too many funny lines from Yesenia!
Hope you enjoy 🙂 Subscribe if you do and then like the Facebook page for updates. Still got three more episodes recorded that I have to upload!

Enjoy and comment if you have feedback!

What’s happening with PC ports?

And I mean that in a good way, actually. I’ve been playing and greatly enjoying Castle Crashers on my PS3 for years now, and when the Steam version was released last month I quickly downloaded the demo just to see how it compared.

I instantly re-bought the game after 1 minute of playing.

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I’m not normally one to reblog something, but StiGGy’s post about his Raspbery Pi in a dark room hit close to home when I’ve stayed up on an all-nighter with nothing but my computer lights decorating the walls 🙂

StiGGy's Blog

Not only is the Raspberry Pi a cool piece of tech, but with my desk light switched off, it lights up like a cheap Christmas decoration and turns my desktop into a mini disco.

Here’s a few pictures taken with a slow shutter speed.






The mini USB mouse I use with my Pi also looks kinda cool with the lights off too.

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