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The Best of the Lost Features of Gaming

LostFeatures (3)The British Isles are a funny place. It can be one of the hottest, loveliest days on record, yet the ground will still always be a bit damp from the not-too-long-ago rain.

This summer is no exception. Although it has put in an amazingly good effort to leave me genuinely satisfied. So much so that it started to feel like I was back home in South Africa. Which of course sent my mind racing down the memory motorway, quickly turning off at the junction leading to the town of “Gaming“.

And therefore despite the glorious weather keeping my mood up, I’m going to be reminiscing on those features that used to be so common in games, but are now unfortunately no longer with us.

Let’s begin then, shall we?

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Never make the main character funny. Ever!


I love laughing. I really do.

And some of my favorite games can safely have ‘comedy’ tagged on them.

Yet, all too often, there is a certain comedy trick that is used which completely ruins my experience with a game.

This trick is often used when a ‘comedy’ title changes hands to a new developer. It’s not about misunderstanding the previous developer’s humour. It’s not even about having poor humour.

It’s simply about thinking that the main character was the butt of all jokes. That should NEVER happen in video games.

Here’s why.

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RePlayed – Flatout – Female non-gamer swears a lot!

I’ve had this episode up for awhile now, but been forgetting to tell people about it!

Episode 2 of RePlayed is 2004’s FlatOut. We compare the game against today’s standards first, and then let Yesenia (non-gamer) and Tam (modern gamer) loose on it to see how they do.

I tried to make the episode more faster paced than the last one, and wanted to cut down the length, but there were too many funny lines from Yesenia!
Hope you enjoy 🙂 Subscribe if you do and then like the Facebook page for updates. Still got three more episodes recorded that I have to upload!

Enjoy and comment if you have feedback!

I’m not normally one to reblog something, but StiGGy’s post about his Raspbery Pi in a dark room hit close to home when I’ve stayed up on an all-nighter with nothing but my computer lights decorating the walls 🙂

StiGGy's Blog

Not only is the Raspberry Pi a cool piece of tech, but with my desk light switched off, it lights up like a cheap Christmas decoration and turns my desktop into a mini disco.

Here’s a few pictures taken with a slow shutter speed.






The mini USB mouse I use with my Pi also looks kinda cool with the lights off too.

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REPLAYED – Quake – First episode is up!

Woohoo! First episode of my show is up! And I’ve started the series with the almighty QUAKE. Click on the picture below to watch it. And if you like it, don’t be afraid to share 🙂 (And thanks in advance, if you do!)

Without repeating too much about what I said in my previous post about my YouTube series, I will go into a quick recap.

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My new YouTube series!

So, my blogging has slowed while I’ve been preparing to release the first episode of a new show on YouTube.

The show is called REPLAYED and I’ve actually put work and polish into it because I want my show to actually BE a show, rather than random recorded videos. It should be ready by the end of the week, so let me go over what it’ll be about!

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The power of polish

I do the same thing with every Grand Theft Auto release. I buy it on whatever current Playstation console is going at the time, play it about half-way, and then give/sell it away 6 months later when the PC version comes out. Which I then play to completion.

But with Grand Theft Auto IV, it didn’t quite work out that way.

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