The Limbo Developer, Part 3 – Videos!


Things have been going pretty smoothly so far on the development side of life. With only occasional interruptions from a recent desire to replay through the Tomb Raider series again (I’m halfway). Oh, and getting a bit addicted to Hotline Miami. Also, I tore through quite a big chunk of the PC version of L.A. Noire to see how it compared. Um, and I spent a lot of time making new wallets in Far Cry 3… and, well, I literally just spent the last two hours re-watching The Avengers.

Ok, maybe development hasn’t been AS frequent as I’d want, but when I’ve been on it, it’s been smooth. My game now has a menu system to allow you to create your own worlds, save them, load them up again, and play them. And you can now link levels together. So this update will be about showing things in motion.

This first video shows using the editor to create a new world, containing two areas, and then playing it. (Watch it in HD if you’re interested in seeing the text)


I only noticed the bug where the text stating a “game with the same name already exists” gets stuck after recording. Oops! Swiftly moving on, this next video shows the character traversing down into a tomb. Running, jumping, grabbing ledges and climbing. About a minute in, it also shows the camera change from orthographic (old looking 2D isometric style) to perspective (more 3D looking). As much as I really want the game to have that old 2D look, I found it very hard to judge how high a platform was and therefore difficult to play. Therefore, I’ll probably use the perspective camera from now on. And it does look oh so much more depth-y!


Now my next task is to replace my collision system with one based on raycasting. Yes, yes, replace the collision system I wrote 16 paragraphs about previously. I’m new to 3D development, ok? I discovered that while the technique below is perfect for last millennium’s favorite number of dimensions, there may be a better option with that pesky extra Z dimension. And I’m going to explore that!

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2 responses to “The Limbo Developer, Part 3 – Videos!”

  1. Rao Dao Zao says :

    I’d say the difficulty in perception comes more from the lack of texture than the isometric view. Once you give blocks different colours (or even textures; pixel art?), the platforms should stand out more and not merge into a lumpy grey mass.

    Looking good anyway!

    • dugular says :

      There is truth in that. Though I have tested with ‘stolen’ textures (and therefore can’t show them in the video), and while improved, the problem still exists as the platforms look the same size, regardless of height or distance.

      Just to clarify, I’m talking about the orthographic view. Not sure if that’s what you meant when you said isometric, as the game is going to be isometric, regardless 🙂

      Another solution I found was to increase the brightness of the platforms the higher they got, but it still wasn’t as intuitive as looking at something with perspective.

      I guess this is why RPGs and strategy games without much jumping around had no problem with orthographic views, whereas action-adventure games started to drop out of the genre!

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