PS3 Controller ‘heart operation’ successful!

So, as my last post stated. I had bought two controllers recently, which both had troubles. The one I bought cheap from an independent store had bad buttons that didn’t register soft touches. The second bought at full price from a major store had good buttons, but a non-working battery.

Therefore, I decided to take battery from bad button controller, and give it to the other one. And surprise, surprise…


They had completely different insides.

The one on the left is the cheap one, and the right is the full price one. Quite clearly the left is a knock-off, hence the bad button response! The only thing that seemed the same was the outer case, everything else was different. so for interest’s sake, I’ll list what I noticed.

  • Firstly, the cheap one had a smaller battery, which means I could have a shorter battery life on my good controller than they should have, but that’s still better than a non-working one!
  • The shoulder buttons connect to the case differently. In the real controller, the R2 and L2 buttons fell right out, but the knock-off one has them attached to the back case. Contrary to what that sounds like, it was easier putting the real controller back together.
  • The knock off is missing a lot of white plastic support and had what looked like a single piece of cheap cardboard holding it all together.
  • The knock off battery was stuck on the computer board with that black strip you see in the picture, whereas the real controller’s battery clipped on nicely.
  • The computer boards were completely different, but the knockoff still had holes to clip real Sony batteries in (which I did when swapping them, but was very difficult as the socket for the connecter was extremely tight with the full size battery in place)
  • The buttons, analog sticks and shoulder buttons are actually all different on the knock off.
  • Handy information: The stickers were different on the back of the controller, and the knockoff sticker wasn’t straight, so you can use this photo to check for knockoffs in the future without opening them up.

It was successful in the end and my new real controller now works. But annoyingly, the knock off charges as well with what I thought was a non-working battery! So could have been a case where I just needed to re-seat the battery in the real one. I will see how the real controller lasts with the knock-off battery. If the battery life is long enough, I won’t bother doing anything more.

Anyway, new things are fun to discover.


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